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Rwanda. Achieving Real Sovereignty

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420 pages

The author of this book took part in the political life of his country at an early age. He was an attentive observer and a direct witness to political events in Rwanda between 1959 and 1994. He was president of the Rwandan Students Movement in Italy (MERI) and a member of the General Association of Rwandan Students (AGER) (1972-1977). He was president of the  forum of progressive Rwandan Republicans and a member of the Forum for Peace and Democracy in Rwanda (1992-1994). He then acquired a long experience in his active role in Rwandan refugee political organizations. He was one of the key players and a tireless lead in the rapprochement of Rwandan democratic opposition organizations.

In his publications and in public lectures, he often addressed the Hutu-Tutsi issue head on and from an angle that many Rwandans considered taboo at the time.

With an open heart and in all honesty, he shares his experience and gives his advice to help build a country where there is rule of law and where Rwandans of all ethnic groups can live in peace and harmony.

Born on 1 October  1949 in Cyabingo-Ruhengeri-Rwanda, Ndereyehe Karoli Ntahontuye is an agricultural engineer from the University of Florence in Italy (1977); he has a degree in hydrogeology from the University of Bordeaux and a certificate in rural development project management and economic development, human resources management and IT from the University of Ann Arbor-Michigan-USA.
He was Head of the agricultural department of the Mutara agro-pastoral development project (Rwanda 1977-1986), Director of the agricultural development project and coordinator of the agricultural services of Gikongoro (Rwanda 1986-1992)and promoted to the post of Director General of
Rwanda Agricultural Research Institute” (ISAR) (1992-1994). He was a member of the Rwandan National Commission on Agriculture (1990-1992).  

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