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My Dad, my vital part taken away. Homage to the beloved Juvénal Habyarimana

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252 pages

In this testimony book, Jeanne Habyarimana delves into the memories of her childhood and her youth days, talks about her school days, of her marriage especially of her father who was everything to her. She recalls the fateful day when the plane carrying her father was the object of a terrorist attack.

The farewells to this loved one aggrieved her deeply but above all she is revolted by the lies and the misinformation of a certain press about this assassination as well as manoeuvres of suffocation of the truth by this world policy-makers. War, its horrors and exile are not to be outdone. The hassles suffered by her mother, tested and tried, and who are far from ending, do not leave her indifferent like the shenanigans surrounding the insurance file of the presidential plane.

In addition to her memories, she asked her father's friends and acquaintances to tell her what they know about him. Their testimonies taught him a lot. They reveal the details that she had never observed on her father and justly, because professionally, he was with his collaborators, both civil and military more than with the daughter that she was.

According to Jeanne Habyarimana, her father had a complete life. Testified by the historical and biographical data that make up the last chapter of this book.

Jeanne Habyarimana is the 2nd born of the late President Habyarimana. She lives in France.


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